Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Just send us your CV and we will search for you the job / company which fits with you !! you will be surprised!!

How it works?

Tujob proccess is :
1 . Send an email to email_tujob@yahoo.es with your “profile” it means a CV on the format you want and a little explanation with additional information (place you want to work, business area you want to work, money you are thinking to earn, activity you are thinking to make,etc.)

2 . In a short time (maximum two days) you will receive in your inbox email several jobs which fit your profile (CV + additional information)
Then you have to choose between 3 or 4 step…

3. Rest of the process is yours…it means you will receive information about employment opportunities or target companies to you from differents sources ( for example from a internet job searcher,but we have more…) and you will post for a job. Fill your application, to send your CV,etc.
If no opportunities exist at that moment, tujob won’t send you information. Quality is a part of our commitment.

4. Rest of the process is for us…it means you will receive information about employment opportunities or target companies, you will give us your ok! (for some opportunities) and we will post a job whichever you want (fill in by you the application, sending by you your CV, etc). Saving your time and guarantying the success because the process will be developed by tujob team.

Other services

· Making complete, innovators and surprising CVs/Resumes.
· Making cover letters, after a phone discussion, yourjob team has the capacity to make a cover letter which shows your profile.
· Translations of your CV to any language you need.
· Consulting for your personal interviews, simulating interviews, etc.